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Carya Illinoiensis


Ahh, the mighty, tasty Pecan. Our Northern Hardy Pecan trees come from one of the most exciting collections in the Northeast United States. All of our seed stock comes from grafted trees, adapted to our northern climate. Several of the heaviest bearing trees have nuts that shed their shells so easily it’s almost embarrassing! The trees are open pollinated among some of the finest hickory and hican trees in the north, so the genetic potential of these trees is very exciting. For this year, we are only offering seedlings, but be on the lookout for grafted trees in the future. Plant several for pollination.


  • Trees will be 10-16" tall. 

    We always recommend planting our trees in groups of 3 or more. Most of the trees we grow require pollination, which happens most efficiently by planting multiple trees. Visit our Planting Guidelines and Resources page for how to care for your trees.

    If you’re interested in wholesale as a retail nursery or are doing a large scale planting, please get in touch with us, we offer bulk discounts on orders of 30 trees or more. 


    Orders will ship when the trees are dormant, which is mid November for fall orders and late March-April for spring orders. Local pickup is also possible. 

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