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The Forest Exchange is a nursery producing trees and shrubs for agroforestry practices. 

We offer bare root tree seedlings and cuttings of plants with exceptional traits for food production, cold hardiness, climate resiliency, and genetic diversity.

We believe that perennial food sources will play a vital role in a future

that is resilient to climate change. These plants help us to imagine abundant futures

where food literally falls from the sky. 


The nursery is located on the north-western edge of the Catskill Mountains of NY, in a valley where the Susquehanna and Delaware watersheds meet.


We have both spent all our lives in these two watersheds, which have been tended to for thousands of years by the people of 

the Lenape Nation and Haudenosaunee Confederacy. 

Our Offerings

We offer one and two year old bare root seedlings and hardwood cuttings from carefully selected, time proven cultivars. Some are named (Thomas black walnut, and Wyldewood elderberry for instance) others are exceptional wild specimens. 


We grow our plants in air prune boxes or in deep, nutrient rich in-ground beds. We encourage biodiversity in our nursery, including beneficial insects and fungi in order to minimize the use of external disease and pest management inputs.


We primarily sell wholesale to farms, garden centers, and landscape designers. Because of our growing methods, we are only able to move plants in late fall and early spring when they are dormant. The farm is not open for retail sales at this time.  Sign up for our newsletter to hear about occasional pop up plant sales!


Some of the plants we grow:

  • hybrid chestnut

  • hybrid hazelnut

  • oaks, (burr oak, white oak, northern red oak)

  • hickories (shagbark, pecan, yellowbud)

  • black walnut

  • butternut

  • american persimmon

  • thornless honey locust and black locust

  • osage orange

  • northern hardwoods (maples, black cherry, ash, birch​)

  • willow (varieties suitable for basketry)

  • American elderberry

  • American black currant

Visit our wholesale page to inquire about purchasing our plants for your farm, business, or homestead!

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