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We love to learn! We have benefitted from shared knowledge from a huge variety of people and places.

Here, we'll offer you things we have found helpful in our process of starting the nursery,

and pursuing our hobbies and passions. In addition, we'll include our own writings about our experiences, 

and our guidelines for the planting and care of all the plants in our shop.

We're learning all the time, so check back often as we add more links!


The Forest Exchange Planting + Care Guide

Penn State Extension - Forest Landowners Guide to Tree Planting Success

Tons of great information in here, including how to site trees based on soil type, moisture, sunlight etc. Please note that there is also information we disagree with re: herbicides. Use your judgement and please avoid herbicides!! 

Twisted Tree Farm

Akiva Silver has written lots on his website, published a great book, and made many Youtube videos that have helped us immensely! The design of our air pruned beds was inspired by his nursery. 


Shelterwood Forest Farm​ Blog

A good friend of ours writing the MOST interesting blog about all sorts of agroforestry things!

Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture by J. Russell Smith

One of the best-researched books on temperate climate permaculture. Published in 1929, it's now in the public domain. Free PDFs of the book are easily accessible online!


Farming the Woods by Steve Gabriel and Ken Mudge 

An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests

Fields Without Fences

Permaculture design + herbalism on the Delaware River. Rhiannon apprenticed with Lindsay and Johann in 2019. 

Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land by Leah Penniman

Essential reading for the modern plant person! If you're growing food, you ought to be reading this book and supporting this team. Info on everything from acquiring land to remediating lead contaminated soils to raising animals.

TrueLove Seeds

Seeds with stories. Owen works with many small farms to offer culturally significant seeds. We've grown wonderful veggies and perennials from them. 

The Experimental Farm Network

Such an exciting place to shop for seeds! They offer an amazing variety of perennial vegetables, and are actively doing collaborative breeding research. At the bottom of this page you can find a list of sustainable seed companies and organizations fighting to preserve open source seed rights. The also started the Cooperative Gardens Commission this year to help folks get plugged into community garden projects!

Keystone Tree Crops

A newly formed cooperative aiming to help get tree crops to the people of PA!


Tradd Cotter's Mushroom Mountain

We've learned a ton from Tradd's book Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation. He shares a huge variety of propagation techniques from low tech to high tech!

Radical Mycology: A ​Treatise On Seeing & Working With Fungi by Pete McCoy

Barefoot Botanicals

Dear friends and teachers growing herbs in Doylestown, PA

Attic Apothecary - Kelly McCarthy

The very first herbal workshop Rhiannon ever attended was by Kelly. They talk about herbs beautifully, and have an excellent resource page of their own, including lots of BIPOC practitioners, teachers, and herb growers.

Herb Rally

A crowdsourced compendium of herbal monographs, written by many different folks

Rootwork Herbal's Woke Without the Work 

An online workshop for non-BIPOC herbalists who are working towards genuine equitable support of communities of color

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