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Our trees are grown bare root in either air pruned beds, or in deep tilthy in-ground beds. Our soil is alive with mycelium, bacteria, diverse organic matter, minerals and so many other living breathing organisms. We grow this way because we believe that trees are better grown in community, free to let their roots expand outward in communication with the soil.


Trees grown by conventional nurseries in plastic pots are often rootbound and girdled, and fed on chemical fertilizers to push out growth. These trees end up top heavy, with very little in the way of a lateral root system to support themselves once they’re planted in the ground. Our nursery is designed to mimic the natural systems in which baby trees grow - ones that are diverse and don't rely on plastic and daily watering. Growing in this way means that we only ship trees in the fall and early spring when the trees are dormant,

but this is how nature intended it to happen!

We are always experimenting and expanding our offerings to include more perennials, seeds, and cuttings.

Check back often and let us know what you’d like to see us grow! 


Our lives are rooted in learning and sharing the folkways of our ancestors, and those who have tended to the land we call home today. In addition to trees, we curate an eclectic mix of products that reflects the passing of seasons. Among them are mushrooms

(culinary and tonic preparations and spawn), cut flowers, herbal products, fiber handicrafts, and more.

The Forest Exchange is our life - it’s many things, it’s growing and changing always.

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