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Castanea sp.


One of our favorite trees to tend. They are often early bearers, sometimes flowering and fruiting after only 3 years in their final location, with full production beginning at around age 15-20. They are known for their delicious nuts, showy mid-summer blooms, and valuable wood.


The trees we grow come from healthy, fully mature trees selected for several different qualities: Nut flavor, size, lack of a clinging pellicle, and most importantly, blight resistance. We believe diversity is key for a healthy chestnut planting. For this reason, we have selected mother trees of varying genetic lineage, including Chinese, Japanese, European, and Chinese/American hybrid trees. If you order chestnut trees from us, you will receive a mix of healthy, blight resistant trees from any number of cultivars. Only our timber form trees and our hybrid trees are sold as specific varieties. We may try to offer more specific cultivars in coming years, but for now, we believe in getting as many chestnut trees as we can into the world regardless of their lineage. You can rest assured that each tree we sell has been carefully selected for the traits described above.


  • Trees will be 16-24" tall. 

    We always recommend planting our trees in groups of 3 or more. Most of the trees we grow require pollination, which happens most efficiently by planting multiple trees. Visit our Planting Guidelines and Resources page for how to care for your trees.

    If you’re interested in wholesale as a retail nursery or are doing a large scale planting, please get in touch with us, we offer bulk discounts on orders of 30 trees or more. 


    Orders will ship when the trees are dormant, which is mid November for fall orders and late March-April for spring orders. Local pickup is also possible. 

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